NEWS | Articles about the christening of the USS Zumwalt

April 21st, 2014
 For those interested in reading about the April 12, 2014 christening of USS ZUMWALT, please visit the following links:


Navy Chaplains and the Naval Tradition of Christening Ships (The Chaplain Corps has a special link to Admiral Zumwalt. He personally commissioned the first female chaplain in the entire Armed Forces, LTJG Diana Pohlman, on July 2, 1973.)

The US Navy’s Real-Life Captain Kirk Got An Awesome Letter From William Shatner

Navy destroyer Zumwalt to be christened in Maine

Warship’s namesake, Zumwalt, fought racism, sexism

Subject:Interview: Zumwalt Commander Capt. James Kirk | USNI News

The U.S. Navy’s christens its huge $7bn stealth ship

Navy destroyer USS Zumwalt christened at Bath Iron Works

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