DOOMSDAY: Iran ~ The Clock is Ticking

AVAILABLE NOWpublished by Fortis (an Adducent nonfiction imprint):

And so the clock ticks closer….

This book seeks to give the reader a comprehensive understanding of the Iranian leadership’s mindset as it has played out and continues to play out on a wide range of issues—how it worked to implement Islamist doctrine into Iran’s constitution; how it worked to use the US Iranian hostage crisis as means of unifying domestic opposition behind the theocracy; how it could have ended in two years an Iran-Iraq war that took eight; how it was willing to sacrifice its greatest treasure in an effort to defeat Saddam’s army; how it thrives on hypocrisy and its people’s willingness to accept it; how it seeks to stamp out the country’s true Persian identity; how it utilizes the extra-territoriality mandate of its constitution to justify terrorist attacks anywhere in the world; and, most importantly, what its plans for Iran’s future means for America’s.

It is an outstanding read for anyone trying to understand what makes Iranian leaders like Ali Khamenei and Mahmoud Ahmadinejad tick. The book is peppered with fascinating details and accounts that help simplify the driving motivations behind a complex mindset committed to achieving a goal it so believes it has been ordained to achieve.

Armed with such an understanding, the reader cannot help but realize Iran’s leadership has set into motion its own Doomsday Clock–one fast approaching midnight!

DOOMSDAY: Iran ~ The Clock is Ticking

About the Doomsday Clock

Sixty-five years ago, a universally recognized means for assessing global vulnerability to self-destruction based on man’s development of weapons of mass destruction was established. As of 2007, that vulnerability assessment began to include man-made catastrophes related to climate change and emerging technologies.

Dubbed the “Doomsday Clock,” it is monitored by the Bulletin of the Atomic Scientists (BAS) in Washington, D.C. When these scientists determine man’s actions or inaction are allowing such vulnerabilities to significantly increase the danger to mankind, the minute hand of the clock is moved closer to midnight—with the number of ticks reflected by the seriousness of the danger. Alternatively, a movement of the hand farther away symbolizes a reduced likelihood such an event will occur.

Over these past six and a half decades, the minute hand has covered a fifteen minute spread, springing precariously close to midnight before easing back. The decision on any adjustment is made by the organization’s Board of Directors, after consultation with their Board of Sponsors—a group that includes 18 Nobel Laureates.

Adjustments to the Clock are not made annually but on an as-needed basis. When an adjustment is required—which has occurred twenty times during the Clock’s existence—normally it is made in the month of January. In 2007, the Clock was moved forward two minutes from its 2002 position, to five minutes before midnight; in 2010, it was moved backward to six minutes; and, most recently, in January 2012, an adjustment was made moving it forward again to the 2007 five-minute-before-midnight mark.

In 2012, when the Doomsday Clock’s hand moved one minute closer to midnight, it was attributed to three developments: (1) The narrowly avoided disaster at Japan’s Fukushima nuclear plant triggered by the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami; (2) the transition of power and control of North Korea’s nuclear weapons to another generation of the Kim dynasty; and (3) Iran’s designs on developing nuclear weapons.

It is the third development that is most worrisome as a theocracy, which has proven itself to be ruthless and brutal, in Tehran communicates to the civilized world exactly what violent intentions it has for the future—all while refusing to come clean on whether those intentions include a nuclear weapons capability.