Islamic Beliefs: In Search of Logic

June 17th, 2015
A search to understand the teachings that guide Muslims on how to live an Islam-compliant life becomes a search for logic. Just like the 16th century Spanish explorer Ponce de Leon discovered from his endless search for a “Fountain of Youth,” it simply does not exist.

Two recent positions advocated in the Sunni Muslim world underscore this. Interestingly, they seemingly support entirely contrary teachings.

The first comes to us from ISIS-a group not particularly recognized for generating intellectual thinkers.

Apparently, a debate arose among the group’s senior clerics, the nature of which suggests they have a lot of spare time on their hands-at least between intervals of slaughtering innocent men, women and children.

The focus of the debate was whether pigeon breeding is permissible under Islam. One would think for a group embracing the torture and beheading of human victims, such a non-violent activity as pigeon breeding would surely be deemed acceptable. But, not so, according to these clerical intellectual lightweights.

The rationale for banning this activity is mind-boggling. ISIS clerics determined (are you ready for this) such breeding exposes Muslims to the sight of a pigeon’s genitalia as it flies overhead-a sight that is offensive under Islam.

Is it more disconcerting that such teachers of Islam would actually believe a ground observer is capable of observing a fast-moving pigeon’s genitalia (or, for that matter, would even be looking for it) or that such clerical fruitcakes found the issue sufficiently important to raise?

Clerics rendering such a finding make clear more than just “one flew over the cuckoo’s nest.”

Apparently, these supposedly learned Islamic scholars find avian genitalia more offensive than the genitalia exposed at slave auctions where females are stripped naked for ISIS buyers to view prior to bidding on them.

While supporters of Islam might dismiss such a bird-brained rationale as only something ISIS extremists could dream up, another dysfunctional mindset-this one in more moderate (relative to ISIS) Indonesia-came to light last month, gaining international attention.

Women who join the Indonesian military or police force are required to be virgins. Applicants have to strip naked and undergo an examination by a doctor who conducts a “two-finger test.”

Condemned by the international community, this practice was immediately defended by Indonesia’s top military commander as “a measure of morality” for which “there’s no other way” to be measured.

The practice goes beyond testing females applying for such employment. Fiancées of military officers are subjected to it prior to marriage. Additionally, it is demanded of some female high school students prior to graduation.

Female recruits are told the tests are necessary to preserve “the dignity and the honor of the nation.” But a retired female military officer queried how she could “defend the honor of our nation if we cannot defend our own honor.”

While it is extremely humiliating for women to undergo this testing, it also runs contrary to the alleged “sanctity” under Islam of genitalia-the mere sight of which supposedly is considered offensive.

Such thinking does not represent isolated cases of illogical Islamic thinking. In Australia, an Islamic school banned girls from running cross-country as its Muslim principal feared excessive running caused females to lose the measure of their virginity.

Clearly no mental giant, this principal obviously adhered to the reasoning behind Saudi Arabia’s ban against women drivers. That logic, stated by a judicial advisor to a group of Saudi psychologists, is, “If a woman drives a car…that could have negative physiological impacts as functional and physiological medical studies show that it automatically affects the ovaries and pushes the pelvis upwards. That is why we find those who regularly drive have children with clinical problems of varying degrees.”

Such outlandish and outrageous teachings represent just the tip of an ideological iceberg defying Western logic while promoting Islam’s lack thereof.

This is but one facet of Islam being taught in the 21stcentury totally insensitive to human dignity and rights.

With Islam, Muslims-plain and simple-practice a religion devoid of humanity. Treating it as an equal among true religions of peace eventually endangers our own values as we gradually yield to theirs.

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