Obama/Cameron Oped Hides a Catch 22

January 26th, 2015

A January 15th London Times oped, co-authored by President Barak Obama and England’s Prime Minister David Cameron, is most disturbing. The two analytical geniuses link the underlying cause for the violent attack on Charlie Hebdo in Paris not on Islamic extremists but on economically disadvantaged ones.

That’s right-Islam was not even mentioned as a possible cause, instead pointing to poverty. But their oped fails to take their analysis back to the root cause of that poverty- perhaps because they knew where it would take them.

Additionally, their oped theme dismisses findings of a recent British study that educated and wealthier Muslims are more likely to support terrorism-as evidenced by the likes of the late multi-millionaire Osama bin Laden.

But, even examining poverty as a factor, these two counter-terrorism featherweights fail to mention it is Islam that has kept Muslims economically downtrodden for centuries.

This is supported by several UN studies over the years, done by Arab researchers, linking regional poverty to a lack of education. In turn, this lack of education stifles creative thought. And, the absence of creative thought is driven by Islam’s mandate that education focus primarily on religion.

This dynamic duo of Free World leaders offers no explanation as to how an education focusing on rote memorization of the Quran contributes to making one a productive member of society.

Obama and Cameron fail to understand Islam’s grip on its followers has robbed them of independent thought. The result has been a 1.6 billion strong brain trust representing a timeless void in creativity.

Several indicators support the absence of creativity within Muslim society.

For example, a good indicator of a nation’s creativity is to look at how many patents have been issued to its citizens. A study done to examine patents issued between 1980 and 2000 to citizens of the 22-member Arab League states revealed a meager 400 patents.

During this same time frame, citizens of an evolving democracy, South Korea, with only one-fifth the population of the Arab states, received more than 15,000 patents. (Furthermore, the patent tallies of two individuals-Alfred Nobel, after whom the Nobel Prize is named, and Thomas Edison, 355 and 1093 patents respectively during their life times-speak volumes about the free exercise of creative thought.)

The absence of such creativity among Muslim populations explains why, while they outnumber Jews 100:1, Jewish recipients of Nobel Prizes outnumber their Muslim counterparts by a 60:1 ratio.

Another indicator of a lack of Muslim creativity is found in periodic studies conducted by China listing the top 500 universities in the world. An Arab university is yet to be so listed.

An additional indicator is found by examining Arab exports. If oil were excluded from the equation, the Arab League states combined would have fewer exports than Finland.

While poverty is a contributing factor to violence, the analysis cannot stop there. One must examine what causes poverty to languish in a particular region of the world.

In the Middle East, violence erupts where Islam dominates. Under its influence, absence of a meaningful education begets a lack of creativity, which, in turn, begets poverty, which, again in turn, begets violence. These conditions all combine to provide fertile soil for the seed of a jihadist mindset to take root. From there, the path of violence mapped out by the Quran provides the preferred route of travel for the extremists Islam has created. It is a Catch 22.

Mr. President and Mr. Prime Minister, it is Islam, stupid-not poverty at the root of the problem. You gentlemen do a great disservice to us all by trying to hide Islam’s role.

It is frightening educated voters of two major Free World powers could have independently elected leaders who are so clueless about Islamic terrorism. May God save us from our leaders as well as Islamists.

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