Lieutenant Colonel Zumwalt speaks on many of the issues he writes about.

His talks, sharing lessons learned from the Vietnam war based on interviews with those who served on the other side of the battlefield, are particularly enlightening.  Like the Vietnam war, future conflicts in which the US becomes embroiled will undoubtedly be similar in scope in which we find ourselves fighting adversaries we just do not seem to understand.  He has interviewed nearly 200 former North Vietnamese veterans (including General Nguyen Giap) to gain some fascinating insights as to how a fighting force, weak in technology but strong in commitment and ingenuity, was able to wage an effective war against a vastly superior enemy.

Based on his personal interrogations of dozens of senior enemy officers during Desert Storm, Colonel Zumwalt is able to contrast his findings of the Vietnamese mindset with that of Iraqi fighting forces which, while strong in technology but weak in commitment and ingenuity, proved unable to meet the same challenge.

Depending on the desired focus and length of the speech, he can provide unique insights on Iraq and Afghanistan, the global war on terrorism and the complexities of Islamic extremism.  He speaks not only on wars past and present but conflicts of the future with potential adversaries such as Iran and North Korea and possible confrontations with Russia and/or China.  For groups interested in a more global understanding, he provides a concise around-the-world analysis of the major 21st century threats and concerns we are facing.

He has spoken (and will be speaking in the future) at the following and for numerous other organizations:

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