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Back to the Past for Iran’s Future

July 3rd, 2013

HERNDON, Va., July 2 (UPI) — Early in his first term, Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad confidently predicted to other leaders of the Muslim world a major religious event would take place during his time in office. With his second term ending Aug. 3, his prediction won’t happen but Ahmadinejad — a non-cleric — truly believed

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Iran’s ‘Show-Me’ president

June 24th, 2013

The author argues that advanced weaponry should be used to convince Iran to stop development of its nuclear weapons program. Published: June 18, 2013 at 12:17 AM By JAMES ZUMWALT, UPI Outside View Commentator HERNDON, Va., June 18 (UPI) — A debate reignited every August upon the anniversary of the atomic bomb dropped on Hiroshima

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Who is winning the coin toss in Syria?

June 5th, 2013

By James G. Zumwalt In an old comedy routine, Bill Cosby jokes about warring parties in history determining terms of battle beforehand by adopting the coin toss—used today by football teams to see who first goes on offense or defense. In the Battle of Little Big Horn, for example, Cosby—playing referee—introduces Indian “team” captain Chief

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An Ill Wind from Tehran…

May 22nd, 2013

The June 14 presidential election in Iran may already have a foregone conclusion — and it’s likely an ill wind blowing form Tehran. By JAMES ZUMWALT, UPI Outside View Commentator HERNDON, Va., May 21 (UPI) — With Iran’s registration for presidential applicants now closed, the West awaits the outcome of Tehran’s upcoming June 14th election.

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Holding Assad to Account

May 7th, 2013

During the Soviet occupation of Afghanistan, a 17-year old deserter successfully made his way to the West in 1981. But he found life there much different from the structured, disciplined lifestyle under which he had been raised in the Soviet Union. He felt uncomfortable with so many options in life demanding decisions. For him, it

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Iran plays North Korean card in nuclear poker game

April 17th, 2013

JAMES ZUMWALT || UPI Outside View Commentator HERNDON, Va., April 16 (UPI) — With the beat of war drums becoming a daily ritual in North Korea and as analysts struggle to assess what makes the natives restless, three points are worth considering — especially since the White House ignores the third. First, Pyongyang WILL NOT initiate

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Does Iranian presence mean end of democracy in Iraq?

April 10th, 2013

By JAMES ZUMWALT, UPI Outside View Commentator HERNDON, Va., April 9 (UPI) — During his unannounced trip to Baghdad last month, U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry met with Iraqi Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki to seek greater assistance in monitoring flights from Iran to Syria flying through Iraqi airspace. Such flights are providing arms for Syrian President Bashar Assad to

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Did Syria use chemical weapons to help Iran?

April 3rd, 2013

HERNDON, Va., April 2 (UPI) — Take an unpopular dictator of an Arab country with chemical/biological weapons in his arsenal and there is one certainty: He will implement every possible safety factor to ensure no one gains access to employ them against him. While these leaders revere the use of such weapons against their foes, they

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Iran’s ‘Stairway to Heaven’

March 6th, 2013

JAMES ZUMWALT || UPI Outside View Commentator HERNDON, Va., March 5 (UPI) — P5+1 negotiators — representing the U.N. Security Council plus Germany — seem to be giddy over claims by their Iranian counterparts the parties may have reached a “turning point” in the decade-long effort to resolve Tehran’s nuclear issue. The claim followed two

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“Alarm to the world” on Iran’s Nukes Falling on Deaf Ears

February 27th, 2013

JAMES ZUMWALT || UPI Outside View Commentator HERNDON, Va., Feb. 26 (UPI) — With talks scheduled between Iran and the P5+1 nations — China, England, France, Russia, the United State and Germany — on Tehran’s nuclear program, a world leader is expressing urgency the negotiations yield concrete results. Perhaps shaken by the recent test of

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