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The Blaze Oped: Islam: What Lies Ahead for the Next Thousand Years?

May 26th, 2016

Retired U.S. Army Major General Jerry Curry gleaned tremendous insights into the Muslim mindset through his military experiences, both as a junior and senior officer. These insights, ignored by our current president, need to be understood by the next one.   As a junior officer, Curry developed friendships with his Arab military counterparts from among the allied

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The Blaze Oped: Classification Decision of 28 Pages from the 9/11 Report: Strategic for Bush, Personal for Obama

May 21st, 2016

U.S. presidential candidates experience a learning curve. They find, once elected to office, delivering on promises, easily made as a candidate, is much more difficult. For candidates irresponsibly making such campaign promises, winning an election becomes a sobering reality.   When easily made campaign promises can, just as easily, be kept – demanding little effort

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The Blaze Oped: An Ideological Ship Wreck Between Islam and The West Centuries in the Making

April 5th, 2016

While this month marks the 104th anniversary of the passenger cruise ship Titanic’s sinking, her demise was set in motion 3,000 years before her fateful voyage.   Some time around 1,000 BCE, snow began falling on Greenland’s western coast, compacting into “firn” which, over decades, compressed into dense glacier ice as newer snow piled upon

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The Blaze Oped: Did Obama Just Reveal His True Thoughts On Islam?

March 29th, 2016

Police detective Lt. Joe Kenda—having solved over 400 murder cases during his career—has a hit television program, “Homicide Hunter.”   The real-life Kenda narrates cases as a young actor portrays him in re-enactments. Kenda’s dead-pan narration has popularized the phrase he often uses, “Well, my, my, my…” whenever a new piece of evidence suddenly leads

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U.S. Colleges: Middle East Money Speaks to Silence Socrates

February 11th, 2016

For over a decade, Muslim donors have made significant financial contributions to American educational institutions. Appearing philanthropic, they are anything but. Used to create Middle Eastern and political science studies programs, the donations come with strings attached — only professors pontificating the donor’s anti-U.S. brand of Islam are to be hired. These schools willingly accept

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Obama and Kerry’s Deception of Islam Leaves Us Fighting Windmills, Not Dragons

February 8th, 2016

Secretary of State John Kerry’s comments at a February 3 anti-Islamic State coalition conference held in Rome, Italy, had to be disturbing to attendees knowledgeable about what really drives the group. In describing “Daesh”—a perjorative name for Islamic State—Kerry said: “Daesh is, in fact, nothing more than a mixture of killers, of kidnappers, of criminals,

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Unmasking Obama’s Mosque Speech

February 5th, 2016

President Barack Obama’s speech at the Islamic Society of Baltimore mosque in Maryland on February 3 masked what the President wanted hidden. What he hid in choosing this particular mosque, delivering the message he did and not unmasking the one eternal divide between Islam and all other religions is unconscionable. It was an effort to

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Islam: An “Alpha Dog” Religion Feeding Upon the “Meek”

February 4th, 2016

While the author of the biblical verse “Blessed are the meek, for they will inherit the earth” (Matthew 5:5) is unknown, bitter irony exists as to its place of origin. It is believed to have originated towards the end of the first century in Roman Syria—a region that now flows red with blood. Today, the

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Iran Is The World’s Bully. And We Just Gave Him a Nuclear Club.

February 2nd, 2016

Growing up, many of us witnessed classroom bullies. They taunted and intimidated, showing by their actions they were the classroom tough guy. Sometimes a bully became brazen enough to pick on someone bigger. This would happen when the bully sensed, although the big guy had size on his side, he was weak in resolve. Thus,

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A World Where Muslim Pedophiles Roam Freely

January 28th, 2016

Last November, ex-Subway spokesman, Jared Fogle, was sentenced to almost 16 years in prison on child pornography and sex charges. Ironically, a timely religious conversion might well have provided him with a free pass to commit the perverted acts for which he was found guilty. Fogle should have converted to Islam to fulfill his desires

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