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December 7th, 2016

Twenty years ago, we paid al-Qaida leader Osama bin Laden’s war declaration against America little heed. On 9/11, we suffered the consequences of doing so.   Six years ago, not only did we pay Muslim Brotherhood leaderMuhammad Badie’s war declaration against America little heed, but President Barack Obama openly embraced the group, inviting its leadership to the White House. Meanwhile, allies Egypt, Saudi Arabia and

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Congress Wants to Stop Obama From Meeting With The Muslim Brotherhood in The White House

March 8th, 2016

If parental concerns over a child’s selection of friends go unheeded, tough love is needed to forbid the child from bringing that friend home. Interestingly, Congress is resorting to this measure with President Barack Obama, forbidding him from inviting to the White House a “friend” with evil intentions towards the U.S. from whom he simply

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Breitbart Oped: Senator Ted Cruz Seeks to Remove Muslim Brotherhood’s Veil

November 11th, 2015

Imagine the existence of a group involved in covertly formulating a plan on how to subvert the U.S. Constitution, distributing that plan among its leadership and agents within the U.S., quietly supporting terrorism to further this agenda, declaring war against America, and brazenly recognizing U.S. indifference by boasting about its terrorist activities. A rational mind

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August 3rd, 2015

No sooner had Hillary Clinton announced the start of her U.S. presidential campaign than several skeletons popped out of her closet. The Clinton Foundation skeleton, at worst, gave foreign contributors a “pay to play” influence at the U.S. State Department, or, at best, the appearance of such. If the former, the Clintons have taken Harry

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Muslim Brotherhood’s world domination blueprint

August 28th, 2013

HERNDON, Va., Aug. 27 (UPI) — Unappreciative of Western philosophy, members of Egypt’s Muslim Brotherhood probably never heard an analogy first mentioned by Roman statesman Cicero — “putting the cart before the horse!” For more than two millennia, the phrase has applied to situations of misplaced priorities. In the aftermath of the Egyptian military removing

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The Gore-ing of America

August 21st, 2013

By JAMES ZUMWALT, UPI Outside View Commentator HERNDON, Va., Aug. 20 (UPI) — The sole purpose of a “for profit” corporation’s existence is to make money. There is a line — sometimes clearly visible, sometimes not — over which corporate leadership shouldn’t cross. We have seen defense contractors, for example, who have gored the United

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How a 21st Century Hitler Could Succeed

August 14th, 2013

HERNDON, Va., Aug. 13 (UPI) — Was Adolf Hitler born too early? That is, could a 21st-century Hitler have prevailed in imposing Nazism upon the world where a 20th-century Hitler failed?   An argument can be made the West is much more susceptible to Hitler’s efforts today than it was in the early 20th century.

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Perhaps it’s not her man Huma stands by

August 7th, 2013

By JAMES ZUMWALT, UPI Outside View Commentator HERNDON, Va., Aug. 6 (UPI) — Huma Abedin — wife of candidate for New York City mayor and disgraced former U.S. Rep. Anthony Weiner, D-N.Y. — is confounding political analysts. Why, after her husband recently admitted on the campaign trail he had continued his sexting exploits subsequent to

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Cosby’s Inciteful Insights on Muslims

June 26th, 2013

Bill Cosby’s claim Muslims are “intentionally misunderstood” misses the point. By JAMES ZUMWALT, UPI Outside View Commentator HERNDON, Va., June 25 (UPI) — The story goes a child worried his parents when, by age 10, he had yet to utter a word. One day the boy sits down to breakfast, takes a spoonful of oatmeal

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Osama to Obama: ‘I’m a happy camper’

June 14th, 2013

By JAMES ZUMWALT, UPI Outside View Commentator HERNDON, Va., June 11 (UPI) — If any joy exists in hell, Osama bin Laden is a happy camper. Assuming the Eternal Inferno’s residents occasionally get breaks to view the world left behind, bin Laden is pleased. Despite serious setbacks suffered by al-Qaida, he sees — almost 12 years after 9/11

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