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The Blaze Oped: Iwo Jima’s Flag-Raising Photograph: Historians Take Years to Determine What a Mother Did at a Glance

September 8th, 2016

No more iconic image to a U.S. Marine exists than that of the famous Joseph Rosenthal World War II photograph of the American flag being raised atop Iwo Jima’s 546-foot highMount Suribachi.   During the almost seven-week long battle that began with an amphibious assault on the Pacific island, two flag raisings actually occurred on Feb. 23, 1945—just five days

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From Nazi Persecution Tactics to Terrorist Hunting Tool: The Evolution of Geoprofiling

June 15th, 2015

Otto and Elise Hampel were German citizens living in Berlin, Germany, during World War II. They were never Nazi supporters. But the loss of Elise’s brother, killed in action in 1940, saw their resentment of Hitler transition into action against his regime. The Hampels began a stealth, anti-Nazi protest campaign. The couple wrote over 200

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