The Blaze Oped: Islam Is Democracy’s 800-Pound Gorilla

August 1st, 2016
When a 4-year-old boy visiting the Cincinnati Zoo crawled through a barrier and fell 15 feet into a gorilla enclosure, observers held their breath.


A male gorilla grabbed the child, dragging him like a rag doll. Onlookers feared they might witness the gruesome death of an innocent child.


The only safe rescue option was to kill the silverback, despite its endangered status.


As the late radio commentator Paul Harvey would do, I now take a brief diversion before sharing the rest of this story.


Islam, among the world’s religions and through the sheer force of numbers, has become democracy’s 800-pound gorilla in the room. Just like captivity is unnatural to wild gorillas, democracy is unnatural to Muslims.


Why then do so many Muslims migrate to democracies?


Ample Islamic authority suggests it is not pursuit of a better life but, rather, democracy’s conversion, through jihad, into an Islamic-controlled land.


Jihad does not necessarily mean conversion by force of violence. It can mean accomplishing the same result through force of numbers, i.e. by massive migration in the cause of Allah, known as “hijrah.”


Islam has thrived for fourteen centuries in its natural Middle Eastern habitat. But hijrah has enabled it to spread far beyond boundaries where, centuries earlier, its violent jihadist efforts — to impose Islam by invasion — were thwarted. Today, hijrah enables Islam to thrive within democracies via growing numbers of followers giving it that forceful 800-pound gorilla presence.


The Cincinnati Zoo’s silverback’s roaming range was restricted because animal experts extolled its threat to society. However, the 800-pound gorilla of Islam roams freely despite experts, both Muslim and non-Muslim, warning of its threat.


An October 14, 2015 sermon on Bahrainian TV by Iraqi Shiite cleric Sabah Shabr shared insights about this — declaring Islam’s mandate was to use force, wherever necessary, to impose itself upon others.

Shabr boasted Islam justifiably prevails in most countries today through Quran-sanctioned violence:


“…Islam was spread by the sword. So what?! Allah’s true religion should be spread by the sword, by force. If you cannot talk people into converting to Islam, they should be made to convert by the sword. Such is the command of Allah. There is no need…to appease (non-Muslims)…saying: ‘Islam was not really spread by the sword. We had no other choice.’ It’s not that they had no choice. They conquered the Islamic countries by force. This is our duty according to the shari’a. This is the meaning of voluntary jihad. What does voluntary jihad mean? That the Islamic army marches on the lands of the infidels, and proposes that they convert to Islam. If they agree to become Muslims — fine. If they refuse, they are told that they should pay the jizya tax, if they are from the People of the Book (adherents of Abrahamic religions). If they refuse to pay the jizya, they should be fought…either they convert to Islam or are killed. There is nothing wrong with this… There is nothing wrong with Allah’s true religion being spread by the sword…(Non-Muslims) who live in Muslim countries must pay the jizya poll tax… They cannot live in the lands of the Muslims for free.”


Interestingly, Shabr’s interpretation of the Quran is not an extremist one — nor is he the lone moderate promoting it. Nothing in his comments falls outside of Allah’s teachings. Televised in Bahrain, his sermon even met that moderate government’s interpretation of the Quran’s mandate.


Some non-Muslims, claiming to be Islamic experts, ignore what both Shabr and the Quran teach. Yet, we are told by self-interested experts, a non-violent Islam is compatible with democracy. Most prominent among them is President Barack Obama. A typical Obama response to Shabr’s demand for jizya payments undoubtedly would be to ask Congress for legislation making them tax deductible.


Sadly, an irresponsible media never challenges Obama on such claims. Nor has it challenged those U.S. presidential candidates touting a similar line.


Meanwhile, the danger warnings of non-Muslim experts on Islam—experts who have read the Quran and understand its teachings — go unheeded. While experts constantly warn about Islam’s intolerance of other religions causing followers to seek its imposition over others, non-experts dismiss such warnings, instead embracing a political ideology masquerading as a religion.


The bellweather that hijrah has taken root is establishment within democracies of “no go” zones — areas where passage is dangerous to non-Muslims and where sharia law rules. Hundreds of these neighborhoods exist in France and Sweden. An international security professional network — the International Security Industry Organization — conducts workshops now warning of future violent impact these polarizing neighborhoods will have.


Democracies lay fallow the ground for Islam’s seed to take root. Expectantly awaiting a flower’s bloom, they will learn too late it is from this seed a suffocating vine sprouts, strangling anything that inhibits its spread. Americans need only look to Islam’s waxing influence in Europe to see what lies ahead for us.


Meanwhile, our media goes to great lengths, not only to ignore qualified experts’ warnings, but to ignore evidence of it.


The media attempted to portray the gorilla’s death in the Cincinnati zoo incident as unnecessary. But it hid an important detail revealed by the observer video-recording the incident. Zoo officials’ actions were most appropriate as the animal had slammed the child against the enclosure’s wall.


Similarly, when it comes to Muslim perpetrators of violent acts, the media has been reluctant to suggest linkage, even when evident, thus furthering the myth Islam is non-violent.


A wild gorilla, cast out into civilized society, will wreak havoc, seeking to establish its dominance. So too does an Islam released upon democracies.


“That which does not kill us makes us stronger,” German philosopher Friedrich Nietzsche noted.


Islam will not make democracy stronger. It will kill it.

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