The Blaze Oped: The Realities of the Iran Nuclear Deal and Israel’s Impending Destruction

January 7th, 2016
A key milestone in implementation of a very one-sided nuclear deal in Iran’s favor—negotiated by an incompetent Secretary of State John Kerry—will be reached on December 15.

Despite numerous red flags raised about this agreement before, during and after negotiations, an incompetent President Barack Obama is going full speed ahead to implement it. As a result, very shortly, Tehran will receive a financial windfall in excess of $100 billion to help in its efforts to make an already turbulent Middle East even more turbulent.

On December 15, the International Atomic Energy Agency’s (IAEA) Board will sign off on the agency’s findings in its December 2 “Final Assessment on Past and Present Outstanding Issues regarding Iran’s Nuclear Programme” report. In a nutshell, the agency determined that Iran actively pursued a nuclear weapon as late as 2009 contrary to its statement it never sought to build one. Additionally, it deliberately tried covering up such activities while continuing to lie about them.

Due to a lack of cooperation by Iran with the IAEA, the report is not as conclusive as it should be. It should come as no surprise that, once again, Tehran has lied about its developmental efforts. Nor should it come as a surprise despite the report’s inconclusiveness, Obama intends to move forward with its implementation.

Obviously, the purpose of the IAEA’s investigation into Iran’s past work was necessary to determine when, not if, the agreement is being violated in the future. Identifying that point then paves the way for sanctions to be lifted and the monetary floodgates to be opened to start refilling Iran’s coffers.

We had been told by Obama this deal would work to improve relations with Iran. What we have seen and heard is a continuous chant of “Death to America” as well as the mullahs’ declared intentions to fund various terrorist groups with their new-found wealth.

As far as the mullahs see it, it is business as usual in its relations with the U.S. Yet, none of this will deter Obama from his appointed rounds of giving Iran the money to step up its aggressive regional policies.

The alleged quid pro quo for all this, we are told, is a commitment from Iran to limit its nuclear program for 10 years. Iran has violated every international agreement it has ever signed. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results. It is insane to expect a different result with Iran on this nuclear deal.

As Iran restarts its own terrorist funding activities—previously limited by the dire economic situation Western sanctions had created—the first victim targeted will be Israel. This is why Israeli leaders pled their case with Obama and Kerry not to cave in on the terms of the nuclear agreement. Their pleas fell on deaf ears as Kerry caved in on most of the critical issues. With an influx of cash from Tehran, the terrorist groups Hamas and Hezbollah will now be left to do what they do best.

The West recently was given insights into Supreme Leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei’s future plans in his newly released book “Palestine,” brazenly detailing how to outwit the U.S. and destroy Israel.

Khamenei states at the outset Israel has no right to exist and must be destroyed. Whether this is to be done through third party proxies like Hamas and Hezbollah or by Iran directly after acquiring a nuclear weapons capability is unclear. What is clear is that as long as the mullahs exist, their first priority is Israel’s eradication.

American Jewish literary journalist Ron Rosenbaum made a shocking statement in a recent article he wrote—one this author never before has heard expressed—that tells just how serious Khamenei’s threat is. Despite all the historic challenges to Israel’s existence for 67 years it has overcome, Rosenbaum writes, “I believe the state of Israel may not survive. That its days are numbered. I can hardly bear to say it.”

As Iran continues to violate not only U.N. resolutions but the nuclear deal too by conducting advanced ballistic missile tests of a missile capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, the shocking reality of Rosenbaum’s statement cannot help but sink in.

A disheartened Rosenbaum continues:

“the entire world has essentially turned on the Jewish state, driven by the false narratives of the hate-Israel types, and it’s clear there will be relatively few mourners internationally if it should happen. Things have become so turned around that hating the Jewish state has been a way for the world to absolve its guilt at allowing the slaughter of the Jews a few decades ago. Just like Hitler did, they will find a way to blame it on the Jews for bringing it on themselves. I guarantee it; the apologists for genocide have prepared the way by slandering the Jewish state for #GenocideinGaza while ignoring the explicit call for genocide in the Hamas charter.”

Americans coping with the fear of random terrorist attacks being conducted at home in the name of Islam need not fear—at least for present—the eradication of our homeland by such fanatics. But one can only imagine the heightened level of fear now facing Israelis as their own country’s eradication no longer is a mere threat but a frightful reality.

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