Original Content

I write original nonfiction both as an independent author and as co-author/collaborator (this may be fee-based).


I help clients take ideas and turn them into articles, essays, opinion pieces and books.

The above require custom pricing based on a project-by-project basis.



If getting it down and getting it published is a goal or dream you’ve had… Isn’t it time to take action and get things rolling to make it happen?


You don’t have to be a writer to become an Author — use a ghostwriter!

According to a New York Times article, “On any given week, up to half of the books on any nonfiction best-seller list are written by someone other than the name on the book.”

The reason is simple: not everyone has the time to sit down and write a book and not every person with great experience, knowledge, information and stories to share is a skilled writer. But that does not mean their experience, knowledge and story should not be shared … that is where a co-author or ghost writer comes in.

A major factor in providing such assistance is determined by how much time and effort the Client can personally commit to the project. Based on that I would work out the appropriate level of support to help you with writing your Book. I would do that through the following process:

  • Planned interviews with the Client based on appropriate topics to support their story development;
  • working with rough materials they could provide us (records, journals, notes, letters etc.) and
  • the Client dictating their thoughts/remembrances/stories and sending to us as a digital file that we then transcribe (we will work with the Client to show them how to use an inexpensive digital recorder that they plug into their computer and can then easily email the file to us).
  • Another alternative to help with the writing is our Client Dictation Services™ where we set up a special phone number for the Client (private and exclusively for their use), where they can call in and dictate their information directly from their phone.  Then we remotely download the file from each session for our staff to transcribe.

These are successful and proven ways for the Client to write their Book; through a series of sessions supplementing any other written materials the Client could provide to enable me to create their manuscript for them.  The Client has quality control of the process and manuscript every step of the way.  I then collaborate with the Client to shape the final version of their Book for publication.

Bottom line I can take what a Client has as an objective and content for their Book, whether in their head or in some written form and put it in shape for them to help create the Book they want to publish.

Ghostwriting fees:

  • *The range for a non-fiction book of 100 to 400 pages is from $12,500 to $95,000.
  • *Smaller books, and plans—manuals or guides really—of 50 to 99 pages range from $4,995 and up. These types of books/guides are very good at helping develop a person’s voice on a topic and set the stage to build a brand around their belief or capability regarding the subject. They essentially become business development tools to expand their market and customer reach and/or information products that the author can establish marketing and promotional efforts around to create income streams—especially using the power of social media and online interaction.

* Where a book falls in the price range given is determined by size, complexity and the amount of research and work to be done in order to do the actual writing and if there is “As told to” or “With” credit and attribution to the ghostwriter by the author (ghostwriting client).


Please understand that as a professional writer I charge a fee and do not work for payment on publication or receive payment from any sales of your article, essay or book, etc. I’m a professional and charge accordingly. There are many people with wonderful and inspiring stories and I do regret not being able to help those who cannot pay my normal retainer and fee for services.

Before contacting me about help with writing your story please request my Writing Project & Client Questionnaire to complete and return to me for review and further discussion regarding your project.